Grow Furniture

Designing, prototyping, documenting and testing several smart home farming and cultivation appliances that live and look great in your living space.  Multi-spectrum lighting system adapts to its surroundings.

Reclaimed, Repurposed

We like to use locally sourced repurposed materials not only because this is a sustainable practice - it's also more interesting. Second-hand objects have proven enduring qualities, and a history and character of their own.

Just like Nature

By combining IOT, greenhouse and entertainment technologies we can create fully automated, integrated and monitored environments that adapt to a range of ever-changing scenarios (just like nature).

Not just about the grow

...also designed and optimised for the show. Numerous lighting sources and configurations, smart-enabled to adapt and look amazing all day and all night. Bring the nature into your life, your living space and on to your plate.

Biophilia Matters Grow Show

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3D Virtual Tours like no other

This is the next level in virtual tour technology offering the most immersive and realistic way to view a property or destination online.

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Big or small, old and new - as long as you are passionate about your endeavors we're ready to make some waves.

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