Research and Development

Cymatic Pursuits

August 3, 2023
Prototyping cymatics assemblies and processes to explore the visualisation of sound.

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration patterns. It explores the relationship between sound waves and physical matter, particularly how sound vibrations can create intricate geometric patterns and shapes in different materials, such as sand, water, or even metal plates.

The process of cymatics involves using various methods to generate sound waves, such as using speakers, oscillators, or other sound-producing devices. When these sound waves pass through a medium like a liquid or a solid surface, they interact with the material and cause it to vibrate in specific patterns. These vibrations create fascinating geometric shapes, known as Chladni figures when observed on plates or surfaces, or ripple patterns when seen in liquids.

Cymatics has been influential in music and instrument design. By understanding how sound waves create different patterns, musicians and instrument makers can design instruments with specific qualities and harmonics. For example, luthiers may use cymatics principles to optimize the shape and construction of violins or other string instruments.

There have been some explorations into using cymatics for water treatment. The idea is that specific sound frequencies could be applied to water to improve its quality or change its physical properties.

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