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3D Cymatics in High Performance Bubbles

January 8, 2024
3D Cymatic patterns and forms in hard-to-pop, high performance bubbles offer a multisensory experience, combining the auditory perception of sound with the visual interplay of ever-changing shapes, colors and swirling patterns.

Hard-to-pop, high performance bubbles provide a unique medium for cymatics experiments in three dimensions. The thin, flexible films of these bubble mixtures are highly sensitive to sound vibrations, allowing for the visualization of intricate patterns and 3D forms combined with the scientific color phenomenom known as thin film interference (color swirls). This behaviour manifests an amazing tool for artistic explorations, educational demonstrations and scientific investigations, helping artists, students and researchers alike grasp the profound connection between sound, matter and geometric forms.

As we continue to explore the captivating world of cymatics through 3D bubble forms, we unlock new insights into the dynamic interplay between sound, matter, and art. This interdisciplinary journey enriches our understanding of both fields and paves the way for innovative collaborations that redefine the boundaries of scientific research and artistic expression.

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