Mega Micro Motion Control (moco)

Advanced timelapse solutions using a customised automated rail motion system

  • High precision stepper motor with custom Arduino controller
  • Capable of applying perfect incremental movements - 1000's of frames per cm
  • Fabricated from reclaimed and found materials (except for key electronics)
  • 15kg vertical lift
  • Add cinema-class motion control to macro and microscopic timelapse footage
  • built via original schematic/engineering by Chris Field - https://www.instagram.com/biolapse/
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Rail Assisted Heliotropism

Heliotropism is a tropic movement where plant parts track the sun’s direction. The leaves and flowers of certain plants orient themselves to face the sun as it moves across the sky from dawn to dusk. So, this kind of tropic movement is sometimes referred to as solar tracking.

The process enhances photosynthesis, increases plant growth, and attracts more pollinators. Thus, helping in the overall development of the plant.

In this prototype we are moving a full spectrum led growlight from side to side to simulate the movement of the sun while shooting timelapse of the plants.

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