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Engaging content boosts sales, customer relations and brand awareness, and businesses that do this best often emerge as industry leaders. We help businesses grow through content strategy and production, using cutting-edge technologies and advanced techniques, combined with creative, technical and analytical expertise.

Why is content important?

  • Content marketing generates over 3x as many leads as outbound marketing & costs 62% less. 1
  • 97% of professional marketers say their content marketing activities are successful. 3
  • 83% of pro marketers say it’s better to focus on quality rather than quantity of content. 2

1. Demand Metric, 2. Semrush, 3. Hubspot

Advanced Technique

Extreme Macro, Focus Stacking & 3d Models

Leverage cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to showcase quality and innovation. Extreme macro captures calyxes, trichomes, seeds, stigmas and pollen sacs in their full glory. Focus stacking creates super-sharp, hyper-detailed images and video. 3D modelling allows for immersive, interactive experiences.

Advanced Technique

Drone Shots

Capture the scale and sophistication of your operation. Our drone services are available for producing cinematic content, as well as for internal inspections and technical applications.

Advanced Technique

Motion Control

Create beautifully smooth and cinematic shots of your product, process, location or event with our advanced motion and timelapse solutions. We use a custom-built automated rail system, with a high precision stepper motor and customised Arduino controller, capable of perfect incremental movements up to thousands frames per cm.

Creative Concept


These discarded conga drums were transformed into urban farming showpieces that grow plants for food, medicine, education and fun.⁠ The drums make perfect reservoirs for hydroponic Deep Water Cultures. They've been retrofitted, and have an air pump, air pump silencer, a shock-proof power bar with wifi, and sensors and smart capabilities for water level, temperature, pH and EC.

Creative Concept

Fine ARt MEdia

Respect to the artistic legacy of "Dutch Light" and Still Lifes. Whether it's people, consumables or eye-watering technological goods, we continuously seek to capture the magic and realism unveiled in the golden hour- from the golden era.

Content is an asset that keeps on giving

The source content can be used repeatedly and in various configurations for multiple platforms and applications, including your social media, website, branding, and advertising. We measure and maximise impact and ROI across multiple platforms.

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