New thinking for digital media and communications, tailored for the greenhouse and cannabis industries. In collaboration with our Amsterdam based innovation lab.

We make cool shit that gets attention

Cool shit and a never-before-seen calibre of content to place your brand at the top of its industry. Paired with our expertise in mixed media and digital experiences, and made with multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge technologies.
Content Creation

Photogrammetry and Focus Stacking

Advanced tools and methodologies to transfer high-res still photography into 3D models. Make your imagery come to life in hyper-realistic motion sequences to enrich storytelling.

Create numerous outputs for a variety of communication deliverables. Automate your workflows for custom exports for web, social, broadcast, projections etc.
Content Creation

Motion Control

Advanced motion and timelapse solutions using a custom-built automated rail system. High precision stepper motor with customised Arduino controller, capable of applying perfect incremental movements up to 10,000 frames per cm.
Content Creation

Fabulous Fungi

Long neglected by the western world, fungi are now trending, and trending hard, and we're here to support them. If you haven't had the chance to become obsessed with mushrooms yet, you should check out our videos.
Research & Development


We transformed these discarded conga drums into urban farming showpieces that grow plants for food, medicine, education and fun.⁠
The drums make perfect reservoirs for hydroponic Deep Water Cultures. Retrofitted with new linings, added an air pump, air pump silencer, a shock-proof power bar with wifi connection, and sensors and smart capabilities to communicate the water level, temperature, pH and EC. ⁠

New Forms of Harvest

Just as AI is creeping into our lives, nature poetically begins to endorse a new form of intelligence reminding the world that hidden amongst ancient organisms is an organic intelligence (OI) that demonstrates the power of evolutionary programming.

Physarum polycephalum is an ambassador species for slime moulds, famous for their intelligence, creativity, and willingness to work with humans. The name comes from the many branching "heads" that sense and explore their environment.